95 BELG 6246005

Blue Check
"De Kannibaal", 1st National Ace pigeon middle distance KBDB in 1996. One of the most legendary breeding cocks in all the world. His brother “Den Bourges” won 2nd national Bourges against more than 40.000 birds ! The father of both pigeons is the legendary “Rambo”. De Kannibaal is sire to C & G Koopman's "Golden Lady"
BELG 1993 6621023
De Rambo
"De Rambo" won in 1994 3 x 1st in Antwerp Union. "De Rambo" has produced a family dynasty of winners and they are the most sought after pigeons in the world today commanding huge amounts of money. In Van Dykes stock loft 70% of the pigeons are from the "De Rambo" line.
BELG 1988 6240603
Father to "Rambo"
BELG 1989 6202092
Dam Rambo
Mother to "Rambo"
BELG 1990 6652120
Het Laatje
Mother of De Kannibaal and Den Bourges

Ashby Loft