Impeckable was bred by John Marles of Sylvan Loft and is from the M&D Evans Vandenabeele family of pigeons. He is a proven breeder off of the "Perfect Pair". In 2015, one of his daughters was 2nd Champion YB for David Stepenson, Kastle Loft. In 2017, Impeckable sired the 4th and 8th Combine Champ YB for Royer's Loft. He is a medium cock with great balance, buoyancy, muscling, feathering, and a one pin tail. He has a marvelous personality to boot. Impeckable is a significant addition to our breeding loft. Rated by Freddie Rivera at 11.5 as a breeder. Visit us a

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Name: Impeckable
Year: 2011
Sex: cock
Id Band: AU-11-GHC-12732
2nd Band: ----
Status: breeding
Color: blue bar
Eye: Yellow/Orange
Leg: ----
Markings: ----
Family: M&D Evans Vandenabeele
Last Owner: Bob Lynch, Columba Loft



Eye Images



Year S Band Id Name Description
2005 c GB 05 T 19010 Blue Shadow
Cock of the Perfect Pair at Sylvan Loft. Line bred "Shadow". "Shadow" is considered to be Myrtle Lofts best breeding cock.

Year S Band Id Name Description
2005 h GB 05 T 19007 Uno Bond
Hen of the Perfect Pair at Sylvan Loft. Pedigree full of National winners.


Year S Band Id Name Description
2016 h AU-16-SLI-6368 6368
Phenomenal YB. Lost on smash 300m
2016 h AU-16-SLI-6379 6379
Raced to 335 miles as a YB.
2016 c AU-17-SLI-640 "640"
4th Champion GSLC YB in 2017.
2017 h AU-17-SLI-660 "660"
A medium-small hen. YB 1st x 175 miles vs 319 birds, 1st x 200 miles vs 335 birds. 8th GSLC Champion YB 2017.
2017 u AU-17-SLI-661
2017 c AU-17-SLI-680
Lost Race #2 Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge
2017 u AU-18-SLI-112
2018 c AU-18-SLI-132
Extremely nice; may be larger

Full Siblings

Year S Band Id Name Description
Son of Perfect Pair. Great racer, 2nd Champ YB Tampa Bay Concourse. Gr'son of Champion Shadow.
2010 c AU-10-FSI-133 Sylvan Perfection
Son of the Perfect Pair. Another potent breeder from this famous line of legendary birds. He and his progeny are responsible for winning in big competition and in money races, a/o 3rd ACE young bird Ohio and 39th National ACE, 4th LRPC Champion Young Bird, 1st Concourse, 9th Federation, 400m 916b. He carries the blood of Shadow (x2), Rolls Royce, Carrie and more. In 2007, the perfect pair bred full siblings that were in the top ten Ace birds in the 123 member Up North Combine.

Half Siblings by Sire

Year S Band Id Name Description
2011 h AU 11 GHC 15416 Sylvan Josie
The "Magic Pair" hen. One of John Marles' best breeding hens. When paired to the "Magic Cock", she bred six Reg. AU Champs in two years plus placed twelve birds on the front page of the GHC race results.

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