BOAZ, 2012 AU-12-AA-48548 COCK

Direct son of Nanez Family Loft's "Constans", one of the best breeding cocks ever in the US. Boaz was sire to 1st @ 302m, 3rd @ 110m, 5th @ 280m, 11th @ 500m before joining Royer's Loft. Sire to 6th Combine Champion YB GSLC 2017. One of his offspring was 477 place in the final race of the 2018 Hoosier Classic, finishing 323 in the final averages. He is medium in size, is well balanced and supple, has excellent Long/Middle Distance wings, soft feathering, tight vents and a one pin tail. And, we love is loft "manners". He is a spectacular handling pigeon! Visit us @

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Name: Boaz
Year: 2012
Sex: cock
Id Band: AU-12-AA-48548
2nd Band: ----
Status: Gift to Ed Bollinger
Color: blue bar
Eye: yellow-orange
Leg: ----
Markings: ----
Family: Klaas-Kannibaal-Janssen
Last Owner: Ed Bollinger


Year S Band Id Name Description
2009 c AU-09-Quest-3964 Constans
A&H Klaas. Nanez' Family Loft #1 Klaas cock. Responsible for at least 220 top ten positions in OLR and Futurities, including 1st Ace Triple Crown, 1st & 2nd Ace Red Rock.

Year S Band Id Name Description
2007 h AU-07-QUEST-1051 Starr
Dam to many top performers including 1st 225m Concourse, 8th 200m Concourse, 3rd 400m Texas Gusher, $2400 winner 2009 Midwest Convention, money winner in 2011 Midwest Convention, etc.


Year S Band Id Name Description
2016 c AU-16-SLI-6356 6356
Transferred to Treston Sadler
2016 u AU-16-SLI-6376 6376
Apple Cup Yearling Classic OLR
2016 u AU-16-SLI-6377 6377
Apple Cup Yearling Classic OLR
2017 h AU-17-SLI-636
Lost at the 300 mile station. Such a good racer that she missed the last three races and still finished 18th Combine Champion YB 2017.
2017 u AU-17-SLI-637
2017 u AU-17-SLI-656 "656"
6th Combine Champion YB GSLC 2017.
2017 u AU-17-SLI-657
2017 u AU-18-SLI-102
2017 u AU-18-SLI-103
2018 c AU-18-SLI-122
Flown in the 2018 Hoosier Classic OLR, the "Million Dollar Race". Of the 2093 birds that made it to the first race, SLI-122 finished 477th in the final race and was 323rd in the final averages. This bird's parents are exceptional breeders for us and have produced multiple excellent racers for the two years that they have been together. Visit us at
2018 h AU-18-SLI-133
Original band fell off; Long forearm

Half Siblings by Sire

Year S Band Id Name Description
2013 c AU-13-JEDDS-39212 Consta-Plata
Son of Constans, Nanez' #1 breeding cock and the Klaas hen Plata Pantini who is down from the best of Klaas including Vader World Ace, Pantani, Mr. Bolt.
2011 h AU-11-SPW-901 Ambrosia
Money winner 2x at Mercedes Classic OLR. Full siblings have been 3rd Ace ANBC, 14th Ace Midwest OLR, 19th Ace Mercedes Classic OLR 2010 & 2011. Half siblings have won or bred 40+ top tens in specials.
2010 c AU-10-JEDDS-33811 Ever Constant
A&H Klaas. Son of Nanez' #1 breeder. Sire to a/o 1st U.S. Nat'l Car Race #4/3rd Int'l. Car Race #4 vs, 2,792B; 3rd Int'l Car Race vs. 3,022B; 3rd Nat'l Car Race vs. 2,985B; 3rd @ 200m & 7th @ 350m Winners Cup; 1st by 33 min. KPC 350m; 3rd & 13th KPC.
2011 c AU-11-ARPU-90618
Son of Constans x The Plumb Hen
2011 h AU-11-NANEZ-1454
Direct Daughter of Constans

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