Purchased from Kastle Loft in the middle of the 2016 YB season. Belle is a medium sized hen that is well muscled, has very good feathering, balance and a one pin tail. She is a beautiful hen with a pedigree that fits into our breeding program very well. Visit us at www.royersloft.com

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Name: Izzy's Belle
Year: 2016
Sex: hen
Id Band: AU-16-KASTLE-1642
2nd Band: ----
Status: breeding
Color: blue check
Eye: yellow-orange
Leg: ----
Markings: ----
Family: M&D Evans Vandenabeele
Last Owner: Bob Tauscher


Year S Band Id Name Description
2012 c AU-12-FV-102 Campbell's Prize
Bred by Don Campbell out of his son of the Perfect Pair and his OCR-winning 11-flight hen. Bred diploma winners in his first year for three different lofts. In 2014, he bred KASTLE-1446 who place 4th in the the 2014 OCR against 539 birds. was the 3rd Ace Bird for Ohio and the 39th National Ace. Also bred KASTLE-1445, a first place winner at 200 miles, KASTLE-1540, a money winner at the Dixie Convention Race, 8th vs. 228b @300m.

Year S Band Id Name Description
2011 h AU-11-GHC-12727 Sylvan Izzy
As a racer for John Marles, she finished: 11th 250m vs. 1439b, 23rd 150m vs. 1395 b, 30th 120m vs. 1308b, 38th 250m vs 1455b, 45th 400m vs. 1721b, 55th 500m. vs 1167 b. She is dam to GHC-7856 who, in 2015 YB, was 21st 200m vs. 2007b, 91st 350 miles vs.1615b, 75th 120m vs. 1310 b, 118th 120m vs 1250b. In 2016 OB 7856 was 9th 120m vs. 1295b, 52nd 200m vs. 2119b, 9th 120m vs. 1128b. Sylvan Izzy is loaded with the greats and goes back to Kleinen 7x.


Year S Band Id Name Description
2017 u AU-17-SLI-638
2017 u AU-17-SLI-658
2017 u AU-17-SLI-659

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