RIKKI, 2014 AU-14-YAK-2940 HEN

Rikki is a small-medium hen with silky feathering, a perfect middle distance wing and a tight, one pin tail. A beautiful, very well balanced hen! Full brother was 2nd Middle Distance Ace in the Columbia Basin Combine during the 2014 OB season. Half sister (same dam) was 9th average speed in the 2015 Blue Bucket OLR. A full brother bred the 2016 Texas Shootout 1st Overall Champ. Sire is the nest mate to the dam of Nanez Family Loft's main breeding cock, Constans. Dam was a very good racer in the Central TX Combine. Rikki was dam to 6th Combine YB Champ in 2017 and dam to SLI-122 who was 477 place in the Hoosier Classic OLR, finishing 323 in the final averages. Visit us at www.royersloft.com.

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Name: Rikki
Year: 2014
Sex: hen
Id Band: AU-14-YAK-2940
2nd Band: ----
Status: Gift to Ed Bollinger
Color: blue bar
Eye: Burnt Orange
Leg: ----
Markings: ----
Family: A.u.H. Klaas
Last Owner: Ed Bollinger


Year S Band Id Name Description
2008 c 00507-08-194
Dam is a 1/2 sister to Konstantin, SCMDPR 1st place 2007 final race. 194 has been a super breeder for Mee Family Loft. His nest mate 00507-193 is the dam to Nanez Family Loft's super breeder Constans. 194 is sire to Hot-3766, 2nd Champion Bird Middle Dist. Columbia Basin Combine, 2014 OB. 1st 351m, =1st 167m, 3 297m.

Year S Band Id Name Description
2012 h AU-12-HOT-2622
Very consistent racer 2012 YB season. 6th Champion YB Central Texas Combine. Dam to HOT-3766, 2nd Champion Bird Middle Distance, Columbia Basin Combine 2014 OB. Full sisters to 2622 won money in 2012 MDPR final race placing 227th and Toronto Trifecta 2013 final race.


Year S Band Id Name Description
2016 c AU-16-SLI-6355 6355
Injured early in the YB season. Rehabilitated and flown out to 300m as YB, 2nd to loft.
2016 h AU-16-SLI-6364 6364
Flown out to 335m as YB, 1st to loft. 6th GSLC Combine Champ YB.
2016 u AU-16-SLI-6394 6394
Apple Cup Yearling Classic OLR
2016 u AU-16-SLI-6395 6395
Apple Cup Yearling Classic OLR
2017 h AU-17-SLI-636
Lost at the 300 mile station. Such a good racer that she missed the last three races and still finished 18th Combine Champion YB 2017.
2017 u AU-17-SLI-637
2017 u AU-17-SLI-656 "656"
6th Combine Champion YB GSLC 2017.
2017 u AU-17-SLI-657
2017 u AU-18-SLI-102
2017 u AU-18-SLI-103
2018 c AU-18-SLI-122
Flown in the 2018 Hoosier Classic OLR, the "Million Dollar Race". Of the 2093 birds that made it to the first race, SLI-122 finished 477th in the final race and was 323rd in the final averages. This bird's parents are exceptional breeders for us and have produced multiple excellent racers for the two years that they have been together. Visit us at www.royersloft.com.
2018 h AU-18-SLI-133
Original band fell off; Long forearm

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